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    Celebrity buys popcorn...can't figure out who!

    So, I work in ODV at Disneyland. Yesterday, I was on pop5 (Fantasyland Popcorn) and some blonde woman with sunglasses and a baby comes to my cart and buys popcorn and a soda. I knew I had seen her before when she came up, but I couldn't place it. It was driving me NUTS. Apart from a coworker being like "Hey so apparently there was a model here today?", here's how it was confirmed to me that she was someone of interest (or...whatever):

    She bought popcorn and a soda and I'm like "Alright, that'll be $6.25 please!" and she goes "*******! Things are getting so expensive!" and hands me $25. She was honestly going to pay me $25 for popcorn and a soda.

    Anyway, I know when someone famous comes to our park, it gets around. Does anyone know who it was?

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    Re: Celebrity buys popcorn...can't figure out who!

    I know the who the person you were talking about. I was doing the same thing as you and wondering who it was but they way I look at it is that if I can't recognize who it is, it's no one of importance to me. Oh wait that sounded wrong....all guests are important to me but what I meant is that if it's not someone I recognize then I'm probably not a fan and it's not going to bug me. I've assisted plenty of Celebs since working the park. John Stamos, Hef and his Bunnies, Kate Moss, Cloris Leachman, Robert Patrick, Seal and Hiedi Klum, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Family, Sean Astin, and Jason Van Der Beek. Oh yeah and Kobe Bryant but he's a regular like Seal and Hiedi.

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