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Thread: Is it Possible?

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    Is it Possible?

    Hey fellow CMs.

    I was eating at Pizza Port last night and me and a CM started talking. He said that he worked at the Pizza Port sometimes and then he is a lead over at DCA in the Warf area sometimes. Is that possible?

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    Re: Is it Possible?

    It's completely possible.

    Like other LOBs, whenever Food & Beverage Leads aren't scheduled for Lead shifts, they're scheduled for normal rotation shifts.

    Since every Foods CM is trained for every Restaurant location, they can be pulled to other areas based on business needs, even if they are statused Lead.

    Generally, since Leads have high seniority, they would normally be the last ones pulled, but it does still happen from time to time, particularly from DCA to DL.

    When I worked in Foods we even had a Lead who was a Lead at both my location and over at the Train (Bakers Field Bakery/Bur-r-bank Ice Cream) in DCA.


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