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    Re: Question for ALL Disneyland CMs, Especially those in Entertainment...

    Mah, I like the fact that they remount the shows, gets the people who aren't giving it their all out of there. Sometimes it's best to shake things up, otherwise people get way too lazy.

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    Re: Question for ALL Disneyland CMs, Especially those in Entertainment...

    I am forced to agree with KCW. Even though we worked at separate parks the experience of being an entertainment cast member is the same. I don't think I would have wanted to work at the Resort if I had been in ODV, Foods, Stores, Custodial, Security, or Attractions.

    Does seeing backstage ruin it? Yes and no. Yes to the fact that the magic that is Disney is contained within the confines of the On stage park. 3 Feet outside those floodgates or stage entrances its an operation. Its like going into the storage spaces and loading docks of Wal-Mart. Nothing special there. The work people do backstage though makes you appreciate how everything comes together on stage.

    As an Entertainment cast member, you see the world through a different set of eyes. You get to see it in the eyes of the kids, its on their faces... no not the cotton candy... the smiles. When you listen to them tell you about their "pre-park arrival dreams" or even their creative stories they tell you thats just between you and them. I always looked at my job as one that had a simple and easy requirement. Make people smile. Be their lifetime memory.

    The drama does happen and it happens in just about every work environment. Long hours... ehhh I didn't care much. It only seems long if you aren't having fun. As for the lack of appreciation. I don't feel any better about my job performance if I get praise and compliments from managers or leads. Its the kids... its always about the kids. Smiles and laughter are good enough for me.

    My own opinion is Entertainment is the best job in the world. But it has to be something that you are dedicated to. Once you loose the drive and enthusiasm for it get out and get out fast.

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