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    Thank you WDW CM's

    I just want to give a big thank you to all the wonderful WDW cast membres out there. I just spent a week in WDW for the very first time and I loved every second of it. Every CM I saw welcomed me with my first time button and were very enthustic regardless of the heat. All the parks were clean and the attractions were amazing. I very much enjoyed everything the CMs did for me and our DLR CM's. I felt right at home. ANd I LOVE illuminations! A big thank you again!

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    Re: Thank you WDW CM's

    I agree....if only ALL of our CM's were like theirs DL would be much nicer. I've been twice in the past 3 years and was very impressed with the CM's in WDW. No matter where they worked they went out of their way for you. I remember being thanked by Custodial in one of the Hotel public restrooms....amazed me! Also I recall a CM at a Popcorn Stand actually asking how my day was going and interacting with us for quite a while. Gosh I miss that place. Hopefully will be returning sometime this fall.
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    Re: Thank you WDW CM's

    I agree. The cm's at WDW are absolutely wonderful. Every time we go, they are just the most pleasant, and cheerful people ever. I can't think back on even one that wasn't nice. There have been a few that just absolutely made our trip, and I'm always sure to stop by City Hall before we leave. Just really wonderful people.

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    Re: Thank you WDW CM's

    Wolfy you didn't see the hotel CM who yelled at me when we were checking in? I've had the complete opposite experience I guess.

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    Re: Thank you WDW CM's

    Theres nothing wrong with DL cms...haha. I've had my bad experience with DL CMs but for the most part, were awsome.

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