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    Return of the Time Tunnel

    As many Disneyland Resort Cast Members may remember, the Time Tunnel, located underneath the Old Administration Building, once housed a mural depicting the long and storied history of Disneyland Park and the Disneyland Resort. For untold numbers of Cast Members, it has long been a part of Traditions Orientation, a reflection of our proud Heritage and History.

    Unfortunately, this mural ceased to be updated in 1988, and was removed in 2007. However, it is coming back, and will once again reflect the history of The Happiest Place on Earth.

    Cast Members are invited to contribute items that reflect the history, and more importantly, the Cast Members and Backstage Life of the Resort over the past 55 years. These include, but are certainly not limited to:
    • Disneyland Resort Photographs and Renderings
    • Resort Forms and Paperwork used in previous years (Schedule Planning Forms, etc.)
    • Old Nametags, Badges, Ribbons, Celebration Buttons and other items given to Cast Members.
    • Anything else that depicts our history.

    These items will be collected in the Time Tunnel underneath the Old Administration Building at Disneyland Park, for times and dates, consult The HUB.

    Please note that items will not be returned, so do be sure that you are willing to part with them. Please consult with your leader before donating Resort items.

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    Re: Return of the Time Tunnel

    Never heard of this...sounds interesting. Thanks for the update.
    Mom, remember, it's not what a person is like on the outside that counts,
    it's what they are like in their HEART!

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    Re: Return of the Time Tunnel

    I noticed they put wall paper up in there. It was removed like 6 months after i hired in, and just had a sign up forever.

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    Re: Return of the Time Tunnel

    I remember being a CM and going down there with fellow CMs just to look at the different things they had in there. I quit in 2006 so I never knew they closed it for a time. Good to know they are reopening it for CMs to continue enjoying.

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    Re: Return of the Time Tunnel

    I miss the Time Tunnel I remember the most recent part was America was kind of funny, but the retro-ness was cool. Hopefully the new one has cool photos and goodies like that last one.

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