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    kidnapped by chip and dale

    when my twin siter and I were little we got kidnapped by chip and dale at disneyland haha more like dale though we were cute grabbed our hands and wanted to show us to chip all the way on the other side of toon town, my parents watched on and then followed wondering what awas going on its somthing ill never forget we have a picture of it its so cute

    anyone else have funny stories like that from disney or somthing you just cant forget that made it purley a disney moment

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    Re: kidnapped by chip and dale

    If you're looking for responses, the better place for this post would be in the 'Disneyland Resort' forum.
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    Re: kidnapped by chip and dale

    Just to add related to Characters harassing, Tigger shoved my baseball cap down so it was over my face! Funny stuff, I left it on a whole ride through Winnie the Pooh like that! :P

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