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    club 33 and blue bayou restaurant dishes related question

    Hi cast members. I am Jason Boyd, a Disney fan and return visitor to the Disneyland Resort(#1 in california by the way my question is this. this question was pondered actually offtopic in another thread, and after three attempts to get my question answered, a micechatter answered but insultingly and NOT the answer I requested.

    anyhoo, my question is this(and if you cant provide this information, I will understand) : the plates used in club 33 and The blue bayou: how much are they and can they be purchased?

    if you can provide this info I have just one thing to say in reply ( in advance)

    thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouth ankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou

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    Re: club 33 and blue bayou restaurant dishes related question

    I know at one point during the Blue Bayou rehab that they went through not too long ago, the old china showed up at Property Control (Cast Member access only) at Company D.

    I've seen Club 33 china there as well at one point as well.
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    Re: club 33 and blue bayou restaurant dishes related question

    For the most part, when people say they want Club 33 plates, it's really the Chargers that are on the table, when you are first seated, that people want. Not the plain white plates that the entres are served on.

    At Club 33, occasionally they will have a commemorative plate for sale (as they did for C33's 40th) but they are limited quantities and sold out rather quickly. Don't expect to get any Club 33 items other than directly inside Club 33. (They are real protective over anything with the Club 33 logo, being sold outside of the club, itself.) Of course you can search 2nd hand sources (ebay etc) for club 33 merchandise.

    And an interesting note, in the Club 33 management office, they do have several of the collectable Club 33 plates, with various autographs, on display.

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