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    Cast Blast 2005!

    Hey everyone... I was just wandering if any of you Cast Members went last nite to Cast Blast?

    I thought it was sooo much fun, hangin out with my friends, dancing at Paradise Pier, goin on Tower a few times, and running into other CMs like very 20 minutes!! I loved the Cast Blast cookies...that they gave me 3! It was sooo hot!!! I was just so glad that I waited 2 years for another Cast Blast!!!
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    I wasn't too thrilled about the cookies. I was surprised that you had to redeem your ticket to get a can of soda and the cookie. I remember in 2002 getting unlimited bottled sodas/water and complimentary food at Hollywood & Dine.

    I'm glad that there was Tower of Terror to ride this time around. When I went with friends the last time, I think we only went on Grizzly River Run (and perhaps Soarin'). We had a great time on the ride.

    The pictoral and video presentations at Hollywood and Dine were nice, but I hope that's not an indicator of the exhibit that will be in the Opera House this May. It was kind of cheap-looking to have the blown-up photos on the stands, but I guess that's the best that's available for such a situation.

    We had a good time; I only wish we could've stayed longer. Oh, and that I had remembered to bring my Sephora gift certificate.

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    i had a great time at cast blast last friends and i went on Tower, Screamin, Sun Wheel, and Soarin.......we had a great time and we were always laughing or singing along to the songs that were being was such good times......but i enjoyed the expo was great to see all the upcoming new things.......and Matt paid for my build a pin.....hehe....but i cant wait for the new fireworks and the new parade.....
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    cast blast

    I couldn't make the DCA activities, but the expo was a lot of fun, I just wish my partner could have come with me. The boothes were great, and it was cool seeing all the ne 50th stuff
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