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    Question about Complimentary Passes

    I have a few comp tickets that I've been saving. In the event that I leave the company, are these still valid? So if I quit and decide to hang on to them, I can use them to get into the park?

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    Re: Question about Complimentary Passes

    Those tickets will indeed continue to be valid in the event that you leave The Walt Disney Company and Affiliated Companies. However, please note that they do have expiration dates (normally about 2-3 years after the date of issue), and can't be used after those dates have passed.

    Also, if your Complimentary Tickets were issued in the form of a Disney's eTicket*, you would have to print them out from The Hub before your seperation date, otherwise they would be lost as you would no longer have access to them.

    *This applies to all Complimentary Tickets issued to most Cast Members and Employees with customary Hub access as of Winter, 2008, with the exception of Cast Members statused to the Disneyland Resort in California, who began receiving them in Summer, 2009.

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