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    Scheduling ugh...

    I don't get it why I got denied for my schedule change. I put in my schedule request for weeks of July 11, 2010 today and I got denied because of submission deadline. However, I put in June 30, 2010 and the deadline is July 1, 2010. Why they are like that?

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    Re: Scheduling ugh...

    I think the Hub considers "tomorrow" to be at like 10 PM the previous day (so like Wednesday begins at Tuesday at 10:00 PM or around there). It's a total pain, but I've found it's best not to understand Scheduling and to just go with it... it saves me a lot of money in aspirin that way!!

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    Re: Scheduling ugh...

    Different departments have different deadlines. If you're in Hotels, then I don't know why it would be denied. In Operations, that would be four days late.

    I have submitted something at 11:59PM on a Saturday night before the deadline and still got my request approved. The schedulers are only in Monday-Friday.

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