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    Fastpass Questions

    In the Disneyland Forum there is a long (and maybe getting pointless) discussion of FP rules and policy.*****-now.html

    I don't blame anybody if they read the thread and say "I don't want any part of that!" However, I was wondering you, CM's that work attractions that have FP, could enlighten us with you have been trained to do when guests return after the return time window. If a guest comes back hours after the printed return time. How have you been trained to respond? Also, have you heard that the rules will be changed or enforced differently with the guests who come back after the window time?

    I thought it would be best to hear the rules from the horse's month and not the horse's a....oh...excuse me...

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    Re: Fastpass Questions

    The usual policy is to let guests in anytime after the first window time, because of any "unforeseeable circumstances" that may cause the guest to not be able to return on time. For example, a guest's ticket may be between 1:00-2:00; however, if they get on a ride at 1:30 with a 5-minute wait and that ride breaks down and the guests don't get off until 2:30, it's technically Disney's fault, not the guest's. It'd be too daunting of a task to try and track all of these breakdowns and what not, so the last time is usually not enforced.

    In regards to the aforementioned thread, it's possible that the Cast Member was new (there's a lot of us Casual Temporary new hires entering the parks right about now), and he was not aware of the Fastpass rule.

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    Re: Fastpass Questions

    I have always been taught and teach new cm's to always accept a fastpass late as long its the same day. I won't usually accept fastpasses from the day before regardless of the crazy excuse the guest may give me unless I am aware of some unusual circumstance. If a CM refuses to accept your fastpass late, I would ask that CM to call out their Working Lead.
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    Re: Fastpass Questions

    It's "generally" proper procedure to allow late FP's. But if there appears to be an abuse by the guest of the FP, then it's the CM's call. It's incredibly rary, but, believe it or not, guests indeed abuse the system from time to time.

    An example might be someone who has a FP for an 11:00am return, and it's now 9:45 pm, 15 mins before closing, and the wait time is 20 mins. That's likely an attempt to abuse the system to get on the ride before leaving. A lead will typically concur, and politely tell the guest to use the regular line.

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