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    Congrats to the new Ambassadors!

    Rene Torrico (PFCU) & Jolie Hales (Guest Talent/Characters) were just named the 2011 Disneyland Resort Ambassadors! Congrats to both; it was a very tough race this time around!
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    Re: Congrats to the new Ambassadors!

    From today:

    Congrats to the new Ambassadors!
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    Re: Congrats to the new Ambassadors!

    Hearty congratulations to Rene and Jolie! It is quite an honor to be selected Ambassador.
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    Re: Congrats to the new Ambassadors!

    I'm sure they were all very well qualified, and I wish they all could be Ambassadors. That said, I am very happy for my friend Jolie - I can't imagine a better representative for us.

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    Re: Congrats to the new Ambassadors!

    She's originally from the city just north of where I live. Perhaps she's looking for a Disneyland-obsessed returned missionary? I'm here and waiting!

    Plus I see they have created a new Ambassador pin.. it's quite a beautiful pin!

    (I guess that means another item I need to hunt down .. and even more so, since I just added the older Ambassador pin to my collection!)

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