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    Re: Hey Disney Managment, is this what you don't want to see?

    Quote Originally Posted by JangoFett
    Why is it you only hear rants like this from people who were FIRED?! Could it be there was an attitude problem to begin with?
    Well, I for one understand where CMs are coming from on this. Listen while you are at the park, I am SURE you will hear something about it. Fear of losing ones job would be a good inhibitor on speaking or posting about their dislike of this 'wonderful' policy. I have many friends who are directly affected with this and they have been there for 10-15+ years and while trying to making up for Disney's 'short-sightedness' on firing all the 'bad' CMs in one batch, the good CMs are having to make up for all of the empty shifts and working OT like there is no tomorrow. This means that the $$'s on the paycheck are a welcomed sign, but the side effect of that is no sleep.

    I have seen even the most jovial people with darned near perfect dispositions, turn into grumpy, non-motivated people.

    I challenge anyone who thinks they have an 'un-movable' disposition to get 4 hours or less of sleep a night for two weeks straight on a very regular basis. Before doing this though, ask those around you to 'rate' your: Attentiveness, Attitude and general disposition during that time- I seriously feel there would only be a very small handful of people who could pull this off- AND be on time to boot!

    In my opinion , 'Presentee-ism' is Disney's way of thinning out those who know and care enough about the union contract who will vote on it, to drive them out by pressuring them on 'wonderful' policies such as 'presentee-ism' so they get tired of it and quit or get fired. Meaning the new people they are bringing in, won't know that much about the contract, or care enough about it to vote. It's slimy, but I think that's what's going on.

    Kudos to the CMs who can hang it out long enough to make the vote count. It's time to start rallying all CMs together for the union and time to make a stand. Disney's 'standards' for who they will hire have changed dramatically over the last 10 years and they will almost take anyone at this point. Look at the interview to hire ratio- then look at how many people actually stay in comparison with that. Very few are putting up with the way Disney's current management runs things. Stand strong and become one body of the union- strike when it's time! Disney can't keep people in there as it is now, so if CMs can stand strong, then they can make a powerful statement when it's time for contract negotiations.
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    Re: Hey Disney Managment, is this what you don't want to see?

    When I worked there, I was the one my leads made fun of for being 'part of the magic' onstage, and my normal self backstage. I loved disneyland. If anyone had a question, I was the one who answered it. Looking for hot dogs? Those mickey shaped tortila chips we used to sell 10 years ago? I would find out. I had numerable guest compliments, verbal and written. When I told my manager I was quitting, she said Oh no!! and shut her door for 15 minutes and talked me out of it. I stayed, and I stayed and I stayed. But then I started to get sick from all the hours (60+ scheduled, plus overtime) I got a cold and I had it for a month and half, there were nights when I was working outside with a fever of 101 degrees. my sister also worked there, and it got to a point where the only time I would see her would be the chance meetings going in and out of harbor point. There just weren't enough people for all of the work we had to do, and if you broke down, oh well.
    I love disneyland with all my heart, but it truly isn't a magical workplace anymore.

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