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    Moving up in the resort as a CR?

    Hey everyone,

    I recently was hired into Disneyland as a 'CR' cast member, and have my training next week. I know it is probably a bit premature, but my plan is to move up in the company and find my way into art - preferably design. I have a degree in Graphic Design and have been looking for a job since I graduated a year+ ago.

    Since I had to pay the bills I ended up applying at Disneyland and getting a job. People keep telling me that I now have a foot in the door, but the thing is: other than rare exceptions (tony Baxter, John Lasseter), is it really feasible?

    If it is, and someone here has done it, any advice would be great. Thanks!

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    Re: Moving up in the resort as a CR?

    When you get access to the hub, on the right of every page there is a link to JOBS Online. After 6 months with the company, you can apply for any of those positions you are qualified for. The are usually only open to cast members.

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    Re: Moving up in the resort as a CR?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pointman View Post
    ... other than rare exceptions (tony Baxter, John Lasseter), is it really feasible?...
    It's not the exception, it's usually the rule. I myself just passed my 1st anniversary as a CM. I got hired into a professional position (40hrs, benefits, etc). I'm the rarity. I'm the only person in my department who did not start as a CR or CT, and worked their way up. The head of my department started as a ride operator 20 years ago. My fellow cm's at my level have done the same thing, some in foods, attractions, parking, custodial, etc. The newest person next to me has been in this department 3 years, but has been working at the Resort for over 10 years, starting at the turnstiles. So, from my experience here, most people start as CT's or CR's and work their way up. People like me who come from outside without working their way up is much less common.

    SO, with that, my congratulations to you on getting your foot in the door.


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