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    Instrument/Parade Auditions @ Disneyland

    I'm auditioning for Disney's Sensational and I had a few questions, the corporate website answered a few of them but I was wondering if anyone here knew...
    I'm a drummer/snare...

    Where do I park?
    How Long will the audition be?
    What will I be asked to do specifically?
    Will they give me time to rehearse or practice?
    I don't own a snare drum, but I am very proficient with many years of experience, will they provide one for me for the audition??

    I hope someone here can help!

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    Re: Instrument/Parade Auditions @ Disneyland

    for auditions you usually park in the TDA structure... it should say specifically on the audition website. it's a turn off Ball Rd that I think is called "cast place" and you just drive on in and let the booth guys know you're there for the audition.

    i haven't been to an instrument audition, myself, so i can't help with the other questions. if the audition announcement on the website doesn't say you need your own drum, then you won't need it. they tell you what to bring for auditions. but as far as length, practice time, what they ask you to do... well, this is a brand new parade, so no one can really answer that. the closest audition would be the toy soldiers in the Christmas parade, since they play drums and march, and also play horns.
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