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    Question How does somebody apply to work on the Disneyland Railroad?

    I know someone who would be a GREAT fit to the Disney Company and would love to see them eventually get a job as well! This person has been a train conductor for many years as well as an engineer. My question to you is, how can he apply to be a conductor on the Disneyland Railroad?
    I've heard that there is a waiting list.. but then in 2009 I heard again that there no longer is one. lol.
    Also, if this isn't an option for a hire in the near future, what would be a good fit for him?
    - 20 years as a plumber: commercial plumping and the larger pipes under the streets (don't know a good term for that haha)
    - Construction worker
    - Owned his own trucking company

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
    I would love to see him at the DLR and feel he would be a great asset to the company

    Thank You!
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    Re: How does somebody apply to work on the Disneyland Railroad?

    Do you want to be a conductor or an engineer?

    Conductors are Attractions, Engineers are facilities.

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    Re: How does somebody apply to work on the Disneyland Railroad?

    Applying for a conductor, is fairly easy. As DLDCALVR mentioned, it's attractions. Specifically, Adventureland Attractions. I'm fairly certain that Trains are not a hire-in attraction and there is probably less turnover than other attractions, but I could be wrong. So the way is to apply for Adventureland Attractions. More than likely work another attraction for a few months and then request to be cross trained. Just an FYI for him though, it's an hourly CM position that will make around $9 an hour.

    Becoming an engineer is a whole other ball of wax. I'm pretty sure that team only has openings every few years and competition is fierce. A good place to start would be: The Walt Disney Company | Career Opportunities | Disney
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