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    Interview Questions

    Hi there! =) I have an interview scheduled for later this week, and I had a couple questions regarding it.

    In regards to the Disney look, I currently have mid length sideburns that are pointed, and I was debating on if I should just shave them off or just let them be. I saw on the Disney look page that it's fine to have side burns, but it didn't show anything about them being pointed. Or is just being well groomed fine for this step?

    I'm kind of nervous for the interview because i'm really hoping that I land the job since I really need one right now. Is the interview that i'll be having similar to the interview that is part of the Atmosphere Character audition? I've searched around and some of the questions that I've found are pretty similar to the questions that I/other members of the group were asked.

    I know some of the general tips for going into an interview are to smile, be energetic, friendly, eye contact, and body posture, but are there any other handy tips I should know about?

    Thank you in advance. =)
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    Re: Interview Questions


    The easiest way to get a job is to turn the table around and ask yourself if you were the interviewer and you needed to hire someone right now, what would you look for in the interviewee?

    This helps you to see the importance of what an interview is all about. I have always gone to interviews dressed like I could walk on the job right after the interview! So, if the Disney look does not allow pointed sideburns, go to the interview without the pointed side burns. If the job means that much to you, then the requirements should not be a hinderence to you.

    Just look at it like you own your own business and all your hard money, time and labor has grown your business. Now you are interviewing people to work for you and to represent your hard work and you need someone right now......................try that and you should be hired. Don't be anxious, just be ready!

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