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    Talking Rehire

    Hey, I'm curious as to what my chances would be to getting re-hired at walt disney resorts i worked in housekeeping at the poly and was terminated 2 yrs ago for attendance. When I was terminated my supervisors told me that I could be re hired after Ive held another job for 1 yr and get a good reference from that employer. Problem is I haven't been able to land another job since but I have been doing volunteer work for my church and some other local organizations and have some very good letters of reference. I called casting to find out for sure if I can be rehired they wouldn't give me that info on the phone they said to apply I did apply last month and a few more time before I haven't heard a thing! Should I go directly to casting in person?? Any advise would be greatly appreciated! And thanks in advance.

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    Re: Rehire

    Sorry, this isn't really the appropriate forum on the site for this.

    You are more likely to find help on this subject in the Break Room.

    Good luck with your rehire!


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    Re: Rehire

    Casting will be your best bet. You could probably go in person but they'll probably turn your butt around since they do everything off the website now. They could probably tell you what your rehire status is currently though.
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    Re: Rehire

    The bottom line is: you need to find out what your rehire status is. However, if you were terminated with cause, then your rehire status is probably ineligible for rehire. Being terminated due to attendance, btw, is a termination with cause. From what you've shared with us, it sounds like you're not eligible for rehire. You need to call casting and ask them directly how you can find out what your rehire status is.

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    Re: Rehire

    An attendance death is not a permanent no-rehire. There was a time when Disneyland actively recruited people who were termed for attendance because Disney was desperate for workers. Not so much anymore. You will need to jump through a few more hoops, however, to get rehired. Best you can do is give it a try if you really want to come back. All they can do is say no.

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