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    Rehire Status-- Help!

    Hey all. I did the fall 2010 program, and I'm looking to go back to do the spring 2012 program in January but I'm deathly, I mean DEATHLY afraid of not being picked again because of two attendance reprimands that I acquired on my program. It was my fault and I have no one to blame but myself because of my time mismanagement. But I completed the program and wasn't ever in danger of being termed, and on my review it didn't say anything about not being able to be rehired. I emailed my former manager and asked him about my rehire status and he told me that my status was "rehire" but I'm still worried. Should I be or am I just freaking out over nothing?

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    Re: Rehire Status-- Help!

    You're probably fine. If your status is "rehire", and you were never subject to imminent separation, then you're probably worrying over nothing.

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    Re: Rehire Status-- Help!

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

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