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    Smile Transfer question?

    I'll explain... a couple days ago a lady named Pam called me to set up a interview (I want to transfer from custodial to attractions). She said if all goes well at the interview expect to hear a call from her next week with all the fun transferring stuff. So, I go into Casting yesterday and the person I interviewed with recommends me for attractions. She then says expect a call at the beginning of next week when such and such comes back to the office. The confusing part was she was like we haven't offered you the position, but yet she tells me to expect a call??? Walks out of the office numerous times to make sure when exactly such and such is back... Uhh am I over thinking this or does transferring really take a long time...? Im freaking out cause people are saying they got hired on the spot when they transferred sigh

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    Re: Transfer question?

    Yes, I think you're overthinking it. Getting a new position or transferring to a new department can be exciting, but the bottom line is that the position isn't yours until you're formally offerred it, and you accept it. If you've been told to expect a call, then when you get the call, it will be to formally offer you the position.

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