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    Hi everyone! New mice chat user and possible future cast member has some questions!

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Emma and I live in the city of Orange. I recently applied for Disneyland because they had an open spot for Circle D stable attendant (part time). My dream is to work with the draft horses on main street. I literally live 3 exits away from Disneyland. I go several times a week. And every time I go, I make it a point to go see the horse on main street and give him a good pat on the belly. I recently found out you are no longer able to touch the horses. This nearly killed me cuz I enjoyed petting them so much! Anyways, if I get a job working with them, I can pet them all the time, right?? haha

    Anyways, I have an interview on Thursday (Sept 8) and I'm super nervous! What are my chances of getting hired? How will the interview process go? What specifically are they looking for? I'm not the most cheery and outgoing person, and I know that's what they look for, but I want to work with the horses so bad. And it's been my dream to work at Disneyland! Can anyone give me tips or hints? Any info would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    Re: Hi everyone! New mice chat user and possible future cast member has some question

    Well, it's October any luck yet?
    were you hired on the spot or were put on the waiting list?

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