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    Question about dependents under 3

    Hello fellow CMs! I'm a newish CM.. Worked there before in 07-08 at Mansion, but I didn't have any children then. I am a CT now and will be working as a hostess at PCH Grill this time. Anyway.. My question is, my daughter will be 2 in March and I was curious if I go to the park and use my ID to get myself in, can I just automatically get her in since she is free anyway? I won't be getting a Gate Pass since I'm CT.. So I am just curious about how that works. Thanks guys!


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    Re: Question about dependents under 3

    you most certainly CAN get her in for free. Once she turns 3 as you know you'll have to pay, unless something changes where you get your pass. Dont forget you can get those tickets cheaper then the gate once she turns 3 with your ID badge.

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