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    Question I'm almost there!

    Hello! I have been creeping the Break Room for the last week or so because I've applied to DLR and wanted as many tips as possible for my interview, the keep smiling and be happy one was the best!!! Well, my interview went great! Rita was amazing to be around so up-beat and happy! I applied for a photopass position, which requires a second interview but the second interviewer wasn't there that day, so Rita said she was going to put my application on her desk to have her call me! Rita also told me that if photopass doesn't go the way I'd like, to give her a call and I'll be considered for merchandising!!

    Just a question if I don't get the photopass position, Merchandising requires a union sign up, yay or nay?? And, is there anybody who can explain how the Disney union workers go about? I only know about Macy*s union workers.

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    Re: I'm almost there!

    Different lines of business have different unions so I can't speak to the merchandise union. Because I'm in attractions I am a part of the teamsters and they have been pretty good but I have heard a few people say that some of the other unions aren't as great. Maybe someone in merch can chime in?

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    Re: I'm almost there!

    Stores is covered under the same Resort Wide collective bargaining agreement as attractions and a few other major front line departments. So, while you wont be a teamster, you get all the same benefits (not the right word, but I cant think of something better at the moment) and are held to the same rules as them.

    As far as your individual union, that is who you go through for grievances, shop stewards and the like. Nothing too different otherwise. You'll hear the usual complaints of them just being there to take your money and you get nothing for it. But if you use them with the time is right, that money is worth it then.

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