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    Disneyland Summer Job?

    I sent in an application for "Vacation Planner" and I was planning to work at Disneyland during the summer if I got hired. I am currently out of state (Arizona) for college, but I am from Southern California.I put my availability for Sunday-Wednesday at Nights just in case I decide to go take classes at a community college, but I'm scared that that would be the leading factor if I do not get an interview. If the classes I need to finish my major/minor aren't offered, I can work with full availability pretty much every day of the week, but I can't change that on my application because I already sent the application in.Do you think I have a chance getting an interview? How long did you have to wait to receive a call back from Disney? (:
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    Re: Question: Interview and Hiring Process

    I don't know what the requirements for a vacation planner is, but I know for most Disney jobs you need to have at least 5 full-availability days and have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday completely open. As for the school situation I didn't write that I had any school even if I did. It gets you into the interview. When you get to the interview stage they ask if you have school. They like college students because it shows you have goals. But if you want to score a job don't get a scattered schedule. Either get all your classes EARLY in the morning or LATE at night. Trust me it make things easier Since you already applied just get creative and make a new email or something. Apply for any job and later just transfer. I originally applied for 3rd shift custodial but my recruiter thought I'd be a better fit for merchandise even when no positions were open at the time. but overall when they look at applications it's all about AVAILABILITY AVAILABILITY AVAILABILITY. If you don't have the open schedule or any job experience (depending on the time of year b/c sometimes they just hire anyone) your the first to be weeded out.

    Hope I helped but sorry that it's like a month later,
    gbkie Disney CM

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    oh I forgot to add I applied and was contacted within like half an hour to do a personality test and about half an hour after that I was scheduled an interview. go an interview like two weeks later and was waitlisted and was hired two months later. took forever but its worth it

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    Re: Question: Interview and Hiring Process

    you must make yourself fully available for all shifts. Vacation Planner is a fancy name for ticket sales in the booths.
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