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    Interview in Orlando next week-what can I expect?

    This weekend I applied to work at the resort fulltime. I have had college program interviews over the phone before, but I was not expecting to be asked to travel to casting in Orlando to interview for a fulltime position. I'm a little nervous about interviewing for Disney in person, any full time or part time cast members have any advice for an interview at casting? Since I have made it this far, how likely is it that I would get offered a job at the resort?

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    Re: Interview in Orlando next week-what can I expect?

    Well someone ELSE from CT

    Be yourself, smile look sharp, and by that i mean a hair cut,COMBED, a nice suit always helps you stand out over everyone else out a POSITIVE spin on everything. Hows the weather out there? When i came in it was hot." Its beautiful out today(or something like that) be POSITIVE about everything. If you look through the break room posts youll see lots of questions like yours. Read them over and take heart to what a few of us say.
    I may have been VERY lucky to be where I am today, but i dont ever count on luck, so it was all ME


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