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    Applying to be a Cast Member

    Hello everyone(: I hope all of you guys are having a magical day!
    I was wondering if I am allowed to apply for more than one position (retail sales clerk, attractions, etc.).
    I know that there is the six month rule, but is that for only ONE position or applying in general?
    Thanks everyone!!

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    Re: Applying to be a Cast Member

    It's for applying in general and here's why: you don't get to choose what you apply for. The interviewer will ask what you would prefer, but where you ultimately go is determined solely by their staffing needs.
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    Re: Applying to be a Cast Member

    That's not 100% true.
    One week i applied for Foods, then the following week I applied for my current position in the Travel Company. maybe I just got lucky who know but i know i applied for more then one position.

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    Re: Applying to be a Cast Member

    ^That's because they're completely separate hiring systems. It's every 6 months for in park positions.
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