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    CM Help: Transfers and entertainment questions!

    is there pay raises like at my other job it was every 6 months? also how hard is it to switch between positions in jobs like from cashier to attractions to even entertainment!?

    The recuriter wanted me to go in on sunday for the disney princess audition cuz she liked my look and vibe and since i have experience in musical theatre and dance! Do you know how the auditions work? I waited to go audition cuz i want to refresh my dance skills so take a couple lessons, but if you could give me some background info on iit that would be wonderful!!!

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    Re: CM Help: Transfers and entertainment questions!

    you get tiny little raises every now and then, like .10 cents or .15 cents and then the union will take half of it...when you get a raise your union dues will go up too. Can you say "Rip off"
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