Hey micechatters,

Im new to the forums here and not new to dateline Disneyland and the other feature of the site.

I just got picked up as a cast member working full time in the park for the entertainment department and I just moved into an apartment in placentia... I have another castmember movin in at the end of this month and we are looking for one more person, preferably a cast member, to live with us. Totals about 450-475 a month depending on how much electricity we use... I don't know about you but this summer my apartment is gonna be home number two... I'm planning on being at work most of my waking hours this summer.

Also in the position to move in somewhere as I am month to month but I can't leave my CM buddy behind and there has to be two rooms for us. we stick together.

Or if you just wanna meet a new cm to hang out with and network with I'm Steve and feel free to say hi