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    What does this email mean?

    Hello! This is my first post here. I recently applied to Disneyland a month ago and the email below is the first one I've received since then not including the thank you for applying email. Can you guys please tell me what this would mean for those who have gotten jobs after a few times of trying?

    "Thank you for your recent employment application with the Disneyland Resort. If employment opportunities match your interests and qualifications, we will contact you.During this time, it is unnecessary to submit additional applications, as your application will remain active for at least six months.
    Thank you for your interest in the Disneyland Resort.
    Best regards,
    Disneyland Recruitment"

    Is there hope of hearing from them again before the 6 months ends or is it a nice way of saying to try again after the 6 months is over? haha Like many who have applied to the parks, I've really been thinking of this opportunity non stop and need some closure haha

    Thank you! -Jess

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    Re: What does this email mean?

    It's exactly what it tells you... they will contact you if employment opportunities arises. I got this email and about a month later I got another email to do a web-based interview. Good luck!

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    Re: What does this email mean?

    I got that email about 4 months ago. Then I got another one telling me my application had expired. So I re-applied and now I have an interview on Monday!

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