Hey so I am Auditioning on Oct 21 in Austin for a character role ... firstly let me say i understand the audition is primarily for fur and only sometimes do they pull you for Face ... Also i have previous experience as both a face and costume character from six flags (I love doing this by the way) and really want to become friends with a Prince but im like 5' 9" ... so my questions are as follows

1) How lenient are casting directors in the height department if they like your look for a character? (I have been told by CP friends that i have a good look for a prince and that casting sometimes fudge's your "Disney height"

2) Have you heard of a 5' 9" Prince before?

3) If i don't get face what costume characters are in my range?

4) What chance do you think i have?

Here is a pic of me so you can assess yourself

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