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    HELP! How to get the job?

    I applied online on Sunday. For attractions part time
    Did the online test Friday and scheduled an interview.

    Is this the real interview itself? What are they going to do?? I need to know the step by steps.
    If this is the interview itself then what do I expect ( & what do they expect) what types of questions do they ask. I need to know now Cus i dnt like it if they ask me on the spot. I need to think bout my answers.
    And what do they analyze bout me???

    How fast will they hire? I can start now. It's almost vacation!!!

    Please note: I'm only asking this because I NEED TO BE PREPARED.

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    Re: HELP! How to get the job?

    I just sent you a pm
    Hidden Mickey - Tower of Terror

    Hidden Mickey's here:
    Check out my Wal't Apartment tour here:

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