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    Cast member discounts

    I'm a face painter at Disneyland with a green pass because we're a separate company. We get all disney discounts besides sign ins though. Is there any where with a list of discounts? We don't have access to the hub which is where I was guessing it would be.

    My main questions though are do Disney CA cast members get discounts at the Florida resort? Discounts at hotels? Free entrance to the park?


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    Re: Cast member discounts

    Basically yes. Check out the Team Center, there should be a booklet (usually has Mr. Incredible on the cover) that covers all the available discounts, that's easiest place to check out everything.

    Merchandise discounts at the Florida should be the same. FOOD discount is not. Florida is much stingier, and most food locations give no discount. Main Entrance Passes are valid there too, though they have their own blackout dates, on the whole though they are somewhat less restrictive than the Disneyland Resort I've found. Hotel discounts are pretty much limited to the All Stars.
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    Re: Cast member discounts

    If you don't get the sign-ins then I would guess no for Florida, because Disneyland employees have to use the sign-in pass in Florida.
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