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    Did I miss my chance?

    Ok here is the situation, about a month ago I applied for Disneyland food and beverage department. The interview went great, but unfortunately I was waitlisted. Last week I recieved the "Immediate Openings Available" email I was really excited because I thought this was good news. I replied right away and waited for a call. Two days passed and...nothing I started getting concerned so I called just to me sure I did everything I was supposed to do. The person I spoke with advised me to reply again to the email just make sure they had the information on file so I did. Since then I have been anxiously awaited by the phone for "the call" but instead I got an email saying that I had been removed from the waitlist and was no longer in consideration for the job. I think what happened was they never got my reply so they thought I was uninterested in job. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to clear up this misunderstanding and possibly reopen my application. I'd really love some advice. I really don't think I can wait another five months for a chance to work for the mouse.

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    Re: Did I miss my chance?

    Call them again and explain? If you responded and can show them you responded they should be able to at least put you on the waitlist again.

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