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Thread: Rehire Status

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    Rehire Status

    This isn't for me (so no need to be sympathetic)

    If you have a 'no rehire status' with the Disneyland Resort, can one still apply to ESPN/ABC/The Walt Disney Studios/Imagineering?

    My bestfriend made some mistakes while working at Disneyland in College (I think they wouldn't give him some days off when he had classes so he called out quiet a few times) Now graduated and and very qualified with work experience wants to apply at The Studios. He's looking to me for advice since I may or may not work for the mouse

    Any insight or anyone with a similar situation? This isn't my area of knowledge or resource

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    Re: Rehire Status

    I interrogated two senior DLR managers about this (one from Entertainment and the other from Stores) and both confirmed that the "Do Not Hire List" is across the board for all affiliates. However, each pointed out that nothing is set in stone and both referenced a recent example of a Stores CM who was caught embezzling, fired and subsequently rehired six months later. There was a kind of inside joke amongst the two in relation to this example, which turned into a unison of maniacal laughter - so very Disney. They went on to say that the list is more of a hard-and-fast rule for hourly Cast Members.

    What this proves, is that it's all about the Booty. Who's got it and who wants it. Thug life yo!

    On a more credible note, DLR managers lie all-the-time to play Working Class CMs like pawns.

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