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Thread: New CM HELP

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    Cool New CM HELP

    My traditions class starts Sept 28. and my training is on Sept 29.
    How many hours do new CM in Merch get in October? (it's slow season) and when do I receive my schedule?

    Can I update my availability? Can I put down that I prefer morning/afternoon shifts on weekends in October? It's cus I have a seasonal job somewhere else.

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    Re: New CM HELP


    I'm not sure about your department, but the average for a new CM in fall is about 12 hours a week, maybe a little less. However around Christmas time hours pick up a lot. Most people in my department were getting between 40-50 hours a week.

    You will USUALLY receive your schedule on Friday and it's always 2 weeks ahead. So today, 8/30, the schedule for the week of 9/8-9/14 came out.

    You can update your preferences WHENEVER you like since it's all online, it does however take about 3 weeks to take effect. You can put down preferences but they may not always get honored, especially as a new guy with no seniority. In some departments most of the new guys work nights and get short shifts.

    Hope this helps.

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