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    Wait List Question

    Hey everyone, This is my first post here (and I hope not my last). Last week I flew down to Orlando for an interview for attractions. My interview went extremely well and my interviewer and I were laughing and talking it up for over an hour. I explained that I was ready to move from Springfield, Illinois to Orlando to work for Disney (it has been a dream of mine since I first went to Disney in 1985). Long story short, I was informed that I was a perfect fit for attractions and although they didn't have a position for me that day, I would definitely be receiving an offer of employment as soon as possible. I have checked my dashboard everyday and it says wait list. I recently lost my job and immediately began traveling to Disney (4 times in 1.5 months) I have auditioned for shows and parades and interviewed for attractions. My question is how long do people usually have to endure the painful task of waiting for a call or email to know for sure you have a job? I appreciate you responses.

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    Re: Wait List Question

    Understandably, a lot of people ask the question of how long it takes to get a call from Casting. The truth is, Casting is never predictable. I know people who have applied and NEVER got a call back. I also know people who have been hired on the spot within two weeks of applying. Others have also given up hope after waiting so long, and were surprised to get a call months down the road.

    There are so many factors they take into consideration (rehires with Disney Parks experience seems to be a huge plus). However, another major determination factor is what the needs of the resort are.

    Based on the varying degrees of experiences people have shared with me, you just cannot expect anything to go one way or another.

    My advice? Be persistent in applying every six months, understand it may be a while before you hear back, and also have a backup plan for employment. You can always take a temporary part-time job while you wait for Disneyland to call you.

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    Re: Wait List Question

    Thanks, I appreciate the honesty, I know everyone what's to get hired on the spot whenever they interview for a job. This doesn't happen for most people, I did feel like I was in a good position with my military background and the fact that my interview went extremely well. I think I'm going to try and call my recruiter sometime this week to follow up and see if he has any more developments based on information he shared with me during my interview. Here's hoping for a positive response :-)

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