How about CM's sharing their Training day's to see what's involved!

That's all I can come up with for now. Share away!

ODV: 3 days of training. Day #1All I remember is arriving at TDA and there was a can of shaving cream and razors for guys who didn't shave. WOW, that was a shocker but it's Disney. Then they lined us up for inspection on clothing and shoes. Shoe's had to be all black. No logo on shirts. My shoes were in question because I had brown laces. I remember they made this one girl use a black marker to color out her shoe logo and laces. I think we spent the entire day inside watching videos, playing games and stuff. The training was a general training so different departments were there.
Day #2
We actually got to go into the park and walk around. I think we entered through Toon Town and the Million dollar mural behind toon town. We were shown where to get our costumes, scheduling. Lunch was on the mouse $10.00 lunch card. Lunch card was an old entrance ticket. We also watched a safety video under DCA, I think under the hotel. Nothing big, but kinda boring.
Day #3 to come