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    Creating your own Magic????

    Have you ever created your own Magic While working at Disneyland or DCA?

    As a former CM-ODV I use to give out to kids courtesy cups of popcorn to see their faces light up! Funny thing is their parents would be so appreciative they would come back and buy a bucket from me. Not my intention but it happened several times. Not only with Popcorn, but Fantasy freeze,etc will keep hush hush..

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    Re: Creating your own Magic????

    I did at work many times. Kids get scared of things so I helped calm them by inviting them to experience the attraction with me. Parents were so suprised at it but thanked me for it. It made it fun to be with them and allow them to experience an attraction they were scared of or might not of if it wasn't for me.

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    Re: Creating your own Magic????

    Being able to get special parties into the Blue Bayou was always my favorite way of making my own magic. For example, I had a woman discreetly come up to me, pull me aside, and ask "I'm so sorry, I wouldn't usually do this, but I didn't know that you could make reservations here... I've fallen ill and I can't really ride any of the attractions, and so my kids (adults now) and I decided that we'd just make it special by eating here... please, is there anything you can do?"

    Man, beings able to seat them, and seeing the smile on their faces was always somethin' else!
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    Re: Creating your own Magic????

    Like the thread! I used to buy pins from the Team Stores at Costuming and then give one out to a child each night I worked (DCA Foods/Bussing/Cashier/Ice Cream Scooper) after the Electrical Parade. Nothing made me happier than see a little kid light up after I gave him/her the pin. And the parents loved it too!

    And then one time I met a little girl with my name spelled exactly the same and I just couldn't resist giving her my name tag. That by far was maybe the highlight of me working there!

    [Note: It was my last week there, however, I DO NOT recommend giving out your name tag as I did get a lecture about it from my manager.]

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