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    Question Any body out there work in the round house or fix rides?

    I was just wondering if any body else out there works int the round house. I want to work there but I'm wondering what he shop manager really does? Or is any body else ou there work on he rides when they break down? what do th guys do who work on rides?

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    Re: Any body out there work in the round house or fix rides?

    I have never been one of the mechanics but have worked around them. I was a night-time CM in the mid 90's. I think when you start you work 3rd shift (midnight to 8 am). The big coasters each have one or two mechanics who work them every night, all night. Then there are some who will work all the FL dark rides (for example)

    During 3rd shift, on the coasters they do maintenance work on each car/train. Make sure the tracks breaking/launch system work. They also walk the track each morning looking for and fixing any problems. The guys working the Matterhorn (two guys) would spend most of their 8 hours in the workshop inside/under the matterhorn. But they would also cycle the cars through the track and get it ready to open.

    From what I understand, they work the night shift for many years, then when a day time shift opens, they can be transfered to the day shift and fix rides when they break. The day shift guys also do the maintenance on rides being refurbished. When POTC is closed down for however long, the maintenance guys will do their yearly maintenance on all the ride machines and whatever all needs to be done. They will be in the back doing the big maintenance jobs on whatever ride is closed to be refurbished, then when a ride breaks down, they are called to come fix it.

    I also understand that the skilled CM's (maintenance guys, plumbers, electrictains, painters, ect) stick around a lot longer then the hourly CM's. So advancing to a good schedule takes time. I don't know if that is still the case ot not. I'm sure somebody who has worked in the department could give you greater insight, I just gave the briefest of overviews.

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