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    Talking WDW - Foreign CM's

    Hey everyone, I just came across Mice Chat a few days ago as I was net browsing after this weekend's trip to WDW (7/21-23, first in about 7 years, I'm a FL resident) and the trip brought me the idea of working there for next summer as a "for fun" kind of job to just have a great time and meet some different people.

    Anyways! I was just wondering if anyone knew what kind of contracts the non-US citizen CM's from the different countries in Epcot work on, 6 months'ish? Also if while working at WDW do cast members get to mingle a lot off hours etc? I'd be going for the College program, next summer is just too far away

    What mainly caught my eye was the belly dancer at Marrakesh she was practically putting me in a trance the way she moved, then she brought me up to the floor, that was a laugh for my friends lol.

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    Re: WDW - Foreign CM's

    The international CPs are on a year-long contract. They have separate housing from the other CPs, and *mostly* work at Epcot...

    I say this tentatively, as I had a roommate from Argentina who was only there for 3? months, and worked at a turkey leg stand in Frontierland.
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    Re: WDW - Foreign CM's

    There are two programs, one is the international college program and one is the cultural representative program. Look them up on the internet.

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