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    Character Auditions

    I was wondering, do the character auditions for the look-a-likes (princesses etc) and the characters in full costume (mickey etc.) all happen at the same if you go to audition but you dont look enough like a princess might they cast you as a full costumed character??

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    Re: Character Auditions

    They are entirely seperate auditions. If you are at face auditions they DO NOT identify you for Atmosphere characters if you get cut from face. Lately they have been auditioning Atmo characters just about every month and usually face is about every 6 months.

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    Re: Character Auditions

    Like Navy said, they are two very separate auditions. Fuzzies (atmosphere) is highly dependant on height and body type, first thing. You don't even fill out paper work until your height and shape have been assessed. Face characters, you fill out paper stuff in like, take a poloroid, and then stand in line and have the auditioners come up to you and ask questions and stare you down.

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