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    What is the REHire process

    How different is it from a First Time Hire

    I assume they review your record at Disney but do you have to take the same computerized personality test and how different is the in-person interview.

    Do you go through Traditions again.

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    Re: What is the REHire process

    It's pretty much the same process. You still have to go through traditions.

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    Re: What is the REHire process

    It's almost exactly getting hired in for the first time. You still have to go through all the mundane nonsense.

    You just check a different box on your application...

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    Re: What is the REHire process

    I went through Traditions (the first time it was just New Hire Orientation) three times! :P Going through Traditions again is mandatory.

    I did not have to retake the supplemental trainings though, like "Train the Trainers", "Cash Handling", "Alcohol Awareness", "Disability Awareness", or "Leadership and You" again though the second and third time around... those things were still on my record and I was waived from having to do those again.
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