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    Do Canoe CM's have trouble getting Hours ?

    I'd think that with restricted operating times, there'd be rather limit number of working hours available. Do you get split shifts a lot (parades, etc.) to make up for it ?

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    Re: Do Canoe CM's have trouble getting Hours ?

    Or is it the perfect moonlighting job? Weekends canoeing sounds like a good second job! LOL.

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    Re: Do Canoe CM's have trouble getting Hours ?

    They get split shifts with parades or Fantasmic!

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    Re: Do Canoe CM's have trouble getting Hours ?

    We get split shifts if we check the overtime box in our preferences. When we do work split shifts (which mainly happens during busy times such as summer and holidays), we start at around noon and work until 10:30 at night. During the off season, we kind of get scattered around. If you have other attraction knowledge, you work there. People that don't know other attractions normally get no hours or 4 hour parade shifts (we used to get 4 hour parade shifts all the time during the off season, but then they took parades away from NOCC, so we have to steal shifts from other lands now).

    Lately, we've been getting overtime shifts pretty much every weekend, but that's because the park is really hurting for people. I even got called today to come in BEFORE my canoe shift on Saturday to work guest control for some special event. I might even pick up overtime just so that I can work 3 different locations in one day.

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