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    TDA Cast Members and in-park shifts

    Are TDA CM's paid their regular pay rates when doing in-park shifts ?

    How is the union issue handled ?

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    Re: TDA Cast Members and in-park shifts

    Disney takes great pains to ensure the cross-U folks are salaried cast members. That's the great thing about salary, you get paid the same- no matter how many hours you work or what you do. In short, they are not paid anything extra.
    How does this 'free-labor' not rile the unions? Cross-U shifts only happen during peak times are used to help fill what would otherwise be 'open-shifts' when the park get's really shorthanded. At no-time do the cross-U shifts of the TDA'rs deny any unionized CM of their job or pay. Thus, the unions are perfectly okay with it.

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