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    still did not receive packet

    Hey everyone! I got accepted into the program at least a month ago. I have emailed them and asked them to resend my packet, but it seems like they are ignoring me. A lady called me on Monday and said she sent it out, but I have yet to receive anything. Did any of you guys that got accepted have this kind of lag problem? What to do?

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    Re: still did not receive packet

    what package? I dont remember getting any package. I remember getting a package when they hired me in.
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    Question Re: still did not receive packet

    You'll have to post more info for us to understand what you mean. For Walt Disney World or Disneyland? New hire packet? College program? Since you said "program" it sounds like the college program... Maybe someone else who's done it here can help, I haven't though.

    As far as non-college program (just regular new hires), you get all of the paperwork when you hire in. Nothing is sent through the mail.

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