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    The bands at Disneyland

    I have to confess I am not a cast member but I do have a question

    I'm curious: the brass bands that play at Disneyland such as the Firehouse Five, the jazz band at New Orleans Square, etc. Do they assign the musicians to a particular band or do they rotate them? For example, "well, you're playing trumpet for the firehouse five today tomorrow we need you at New Orleans Square"
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    Re: The bands at Disneyland

    It varies with each musician really, but that does happen with some of them.

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    Re: The bands at Disneyland

    I may be wrong on this, but my understanding was something to the tune of you ca audition for individual groups, and you can be in more than one. so IF you audition for the bootstrappers AND the dixieland band then you can be scheduled as one or the other.

    correct me if I'm off on this entertainment kids.
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