Hey, y'all! So I'm not a CM (yet ) but I thought this'd be best place to post a question only a CM could answer. In the course of working on my 3D model, I've become repeatedly confused and frustrated by the backstage service area sandwiched between the first Pirates show building, the queue for Indy, and the railroad tracks. I've never been back there in person, obviously, so all I have to go off of are cryptic aerial photos, incomplete blueprints, and heavily obscured photos from the DLRR. What I'd really like is to talk with someone who's been back there and who could describe it to me in better detail than the photos do.

So yeah...if you're a cast member who's been back in this area, I would absolutely love to receive a PM from you! I really appreciate the time and effort to help a weirdo such as myself understand this hidden area a little better.