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    Questions regarding rehire

    I have a few questions regarding the best method to get hired/rehired at the park. I worked in Attractions for about seven months and was separated due to points. After leaving I was told by more than one member of my management team that they would love to have me back in the park. This was just over a year ago and I have since applied and was turned away after completing the "online interview." Well I'm able to reapply again and would love to work in the park, but there has only been one occasion that I have been hired at a location that uses "online interviews" in there hiring procedures.
    Does anyone out there have any ideas, or suggestions as for an approach I should take or any ideas for the personality tests that have become so commonplace in the hiring process.

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    Re: Questions regarding rehire

    If you have to ask for help with personality tests... I don't know what to tell you. Honestly.

    ... well, I guess I can say one thing. Common sense. Answer questions with common sense. Frankly, most all of the common sense answers are stuff that I feel I do normally anyways, but yah. Common sense.
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    Re: Questions regarding rehire

    I have to agree...most of those questions are complete 'duh' questions. "Would it be ok to take 5 dollars that didn't belong to you."

    The only thing I can suggest is to completely read the question and be sure you aren't answering yes to something you meant to say no to...

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    Re: Questions regarding rehire

    I just tried to imagine the answer they best wanted to hear or would most likely do.

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    Re: Questions regarding rehire

    Quote Originally Posted by Ruiner View Post
    I just tried to imagine the answer they best wanted to hear or would most likely do.
    That can be a mistake.

    Such tests are also designed to detect when takers are 'faking it' or over idealizing themselves or trying to take the test to some imagined target.

    Both the designers of the test and Disney realize that people aren't perfect and that they don't necessarily want either people who think they are or are trying to create the impression that they are. That can be the effect of trying to satisfy some perfect employee model.

    Just examine your values about dealing with a job and other people and respond to the questions accordingly and consistently.

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