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Thread: face character?

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    Talking face character?

    Hey everyone! So im new to this site and i have been kind of looking around at some of the other face character threads but i was still wondering kind of what to expect at auditions. Im also confused with what type of audition i should go to. im a dancer so if i went to the "dancer" auditions would that give me more of a chance at getting a job then regular face auditions?
    But really i would love any advice! i still have a few years before i audition but hey you can never be to prepared. haha. Thanks!

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    Re: face character? kinda goes through the whole process

    Come Celebrate with us, we can't wait to meet ya!

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    Re: face character?

    if you want to go to a dance audition i hope you're aware of tomorrow's 9am audition or are reading this tonight heh. because that seems like it'll be the only major parade audition for the summer runs of everything in both parks.

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    Re: face character?

    face auditions are very very competitive, I've been to four now and two dance auditions and have not gotten any parts yet. I suggest going to the dance auditions because they ARE easier to get a part but still very competitive. I've danced my whole life and usually make it all the way through the audition but never get a phone call saying they want me for a part. Face auditions are hard to prepare for because they are 99% based on looks and there is nothing you can do but just sit and hope your face is what they are looking for. Hope this helps, feel free to ask any more questions if you want.
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