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    Some Advice for position

    I was thinking about taking up a summer job so I was thinking about 4 main areas.

    1) Atttractions (hopefully HM or Nemo)
    I've always loved attractions, HM & Nemo being my favorites. Since HM is mostly indoors summer will be bearable, dunno about standing outside for Nemo though
    2)Hotels (Front Desk/Guest Relations)
    I'm always about plussing people's experience and want to make magical vacations for people
    3) 3rd shift
    I don't mind working odd hours and am not sure what it entails exactly but I'd like to be in the park...
    4)F! Crew (tech related, but I think its a special hire area?)
    I worked tech in high school and have no problems with crawling around really high places and lifting heavy things

    My goal is to make at least 9/9.50 an hr and have some face time with people as well. Any advice on what's the best position or just any feedback in general? Thanks!
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    Re: Some Advice for position

    Guest Relations in the parks are separate from hotel Guest Services - Hotel G.S. makes more $$
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    Re: Some Advice for position

    All of those positions will make $9 or more. I don't think any non-tipped position in the park pays less than $9 any more (possibly seasonal cast).

    You want face time with people, and seem to really want to be in the park? Easy- Attractions. go for it.
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